Plant Donation Procedures

Thanks you for being willing to donate native plants, seeds or bulbs!  Here are a few tips to make the donations process as easy as possible and increase the likelihood that the plants will survive.

 Time to Salvage:  The warm days of summer are not the best time to harvest plants for holding /handling at the nursery .  We ask for donations in all but the summer months (June – August).  Receiving them from October – March is especially welcome!

 Acceptable Plants:  All native plants are welcome!  We do have a wish list available on  We ask that you do not drop off invasive plants or anything on the noxious weed control list. 

 How Plants Are Used:  Plants will be cared for in the nursery until they are ready to be sold as a fundraiser for our chapter or donated to restoration projects run by Washington Native Plant Society Stewards.  All funds raised go towards the appreciation, research and conservation of native plants.

 Getting the Plants to WNPS:  There are a few options.  We do ask that you label plants, especially if they are dormant or basically piles of roots or dirt. 

 1. Bring the plants to the Magnuson Park Nursery.  These plants can be brought potted or heeled into specific beds of the nursery.  A map is below.  Frames 29 and 13 at the nursery are designated and labeled to receive donations: Each has automatic watering , so dropped off plants will be okay.  The Nursery Manager checks on the beds quite frequently.

  • Frame number 29 is a capillary bed and is for plants that are already potted.
  • Frame number 13 is overhead sprinkled and is for dug (clumps) or ‘loose” plants.  Surround/ bury the plants in the wet sawdust provide in this bed.   When properly heeled in, plants will be fine.

2. Contact the Salvage Coordinator if you need help digging up plants in your yard.  Janka Hobbs is the Salvage Coordinator and can be reached at 425 869-2370 or

3. Contact the Plant Donation Volunteer if you need assistance transporting plants.   In addition, if you would like recognition or a letter stating your donation, please make sure that you let her know that you have donated plants.  Chrys Bertolotto can be reached at 206 588-1247 or

If you would like to get some training on plant propagation techniques or simply lend a hand, please join any nursery work party.  Contact Tom Johnson, WNPS Nursery Manager, 206 525-3176 to get the schedule of events. 

Thank you for considering a donation to Washington Native Plant Society!


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