Donations Wish List

Below is our “wish list” of plants we are always looking to add to our nursery for future sales.

Species Common name Family Propagation methods
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Kinnikinnick Ericaceae Cuttings
Cornus sericea Red osier dogwood Cornacreae Cuttings
Lonicera ciliosa Orange honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae Cuttings
Lonicera hispidula Pink honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae Cuttings
Lonicera involucrata Twinberry Caprifoliaceae Cuttings
Ribes bracteosum Stink current Grossulariaceae Cuttings
Ribes lacustre Prickly current Grossulariaceae Cuttings
Ribes sanguineum Red flowering current Grossulariaceae Cuttings
Allium acuminatum Hooker’s onion Liliaceae Division, seeds
Allium cernuum Nodding onion Liliaceae Division, seeds
Anaphalis margaritacea Pearly everlasting Asteraceae Division, seeds
Argentina anserina Silverweed cinquefoil Rosaceae Division, seeds
Brodiaea cronaria Crown brodiaea Liliaceae Division, seeds
Cerastium caroliniensis Field chickweed Caryophyllaceae Seeds
Circaea alpina Enchanter’s nightshade Onagraceae Division
Chamerion angustifolium Fireweed Onagraceae Transplant, seeds
Claytonia lanceolata Western spring beauty Portulacaceae Division, seeds
Claytonia perfoliata Miner’s lettuce Portulacaceae Division, seeds
Claytonia sibirica Siberian miner’s lettuce Portulacaceae Division, seeds
Cleome lutea Yellow spider flower Capparaceae Seeds
Collinsia grandiflora Large flowered blue eyed Mary Scrophulariaceae Seeds
Collomia grandiflora Grand collomia Polemonioceae Transplant, seeds
Delphinium menziesii Menzies’ larkspur Rununculaceae Division, seeds
Delphinium glaucum Sierra larkspur Rununculaceae Division, seeds
Dicentra formosa Pacific bleeding heart Fumariaceae Division, seeds
Dichelestemma congestum Ookow Liliaceae Division, seeds
Dichelestemma Kunth Snakelily Liliaceae Division, seeds
Dodecatheon hendersonii Broadleaf shootingstar Primulaceae Division, seeds
Fragaria chiloensis Coastal strawberry Rosaceae Division
Fragaria vesca Woodland strawberry Rosaceae Division
Fragaria virginia Wild strawberry Rosaceae Division
Fritillaria affinis Checker lily Liliaceae Seeds
Geum macrophyllum Largeleaf avens Rosaceae Transplant, seeds
Hydrophyllum tenuipes Pacific waterleaf Hydrophyllaceae Division
Lupinus spp. Lupine Fabaeceae Transplant, seeds
Montia parvifolia Little leaf miner’s lettuce Portulacaceae Division, seeds
Nemophila parviflora Small flower nemophilia Hydrophyllaceae Division, seeds
Oenanthe sarmentosa Water parsley Apiaceae Seeds
Osmorhiza berteroi Sweetcicely Apiaceae Seeds
Oxalis oregano Redwood sorrel Oxalildaceae Division
Penstemon spp Penstemon Scrophulariaceae Cuttings, seeds
Potentilla gracilis Slender cinquefoil Rosaceae Division, seeds
Sedum divergens Spreading stonecrop Crassulaceae Division
Sedum lanceolatum Lance-leaf stonecrop Crassulaceae Division
Sedum oreganum Oregon Stonecrop Crassulaceae Division
Sedum spathulifolium Broad leaf stonecrop Crassulaceae Division
Stachys cooleyae Coastal hedgenettle Lamiaceae Division
Symphyotrichium subspicatus Douglas aster Asteraceae Division
Sisyrinchium californicum Golden-eyed grass Iridaceae Division
Sisyrinchium idahoense Blue-eyed grass Iridaceae Division
Tellima grandiflora Fringecup Saxifragaceae Transplant, seeds
Tiarella trifoliata Three leaf foamflower Saxifragaceae Transplant, seeds
Tolmiea menziesii Youth on age Saxifragaceae Division, seeds
Trillium ovatum Pacific trillium Liliaceae Seeds
Tritelia hyacinthina White brodiaea Liliaceae Division, seeds
Viola adnuca Early blue violet Violaceae Division, seeds
Viola canadensis Canada violet Violaceae Division, seeds
Viola glabella Yellow woodland violet Violaceae Division, seeds
Viola praemorsa Prarie violet Violaceae Division, seeds
Viola sempervirens Trailing yellow violet Violaceae Division, seeds
Carex obnupta Slough sedge Cyperaceae Division, seeds
Festuca roemeri Roemer’s fescue Poaceae Division, seeds
Glyceria grandis American mannagrass Poaceae Division, seeds
Glyceria maxima Reed mannagrass Poaceae Division, seeds
Adiantum aleuticum Maidenhair fern Pterioaceae Transplant
Athyrium filix-femina Lady-fern Dryoperidaceae Transplant
Blechnum spicant Deerfern Blechnaceae Transplant
Dryopteris expansa Spiny wood fern Dryoperidaceae Transplant
Gymnocarpium dryopteris Oak fern Dryoperidaceae Transplant
Polypodium glycyrrhiza Licorice fern Polypodiaceae Transplant
Polystichum munitum Sword fern Dryoperidaceae Transplant

One Response to Donations Wish List

  1. Paula says:

    I have Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir “weeds” all over my yard! How big or small do you want them?

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